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    • Wheeled
      Wheeled Spider-Wheeled
      working altitude23m-48m
      carrying capacity200kg
      Product Parameter
      Max working Hight23m26m30m36m43m48m53.3m
      Max platform Height21m24m28m34m41m46m51.3m
      Loading Capacity200kgs
      Lateral outreach   at200kg10m12m12m14.3m15m18m16.5m
      Rotation of work cage180 0
      Jib rotation180 0
      Overall Stowed Length6.5m6.8m7.7m8.47m8.55m8.7m8.51m
      Overall Stowed Width0.92m0.92m0.92m0.92m1.5m1.5m1.5m
      Overall Stowed Height2m2m2m2m2.3m2.3m2.3m
      Size of Platform 1.2×0.8×1.1m1.8×0.8×1.1m
      Driving Speed0-1.5m/h0-2m/h
      Max Climbing Ablility 30%
      Working Slope20%
      Turntable rotation3600 non continuous
      Total Weight4320kg5950kg6390kg7380kg11200kg13950kg15000kg
      Standard Power sourceElectric Motor+Diesel engine(Kubota)電動機+柴油機(久保田)

      product details

      Standard Features

      ?HMI and redundant PLC controller made Germany

      ?Self-leveling basket, and detachable

      ?Outriggers manual leveling, automatically as optional

      ?230v(110) 50Hz 16A outlet in the work platform

      ?Hydraulically arms and outrigger interlock

      ?Made of high tensile steel, hot dip galvanized boom available

      ?Cable remote control, radio control as optional

      ?Reach standard of ISO, CE and ANSI

      application scenarios
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